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Vlogs From Our Japan Trip.
Monday 24 November 2014 / anthrit author list print the category item create pdf file of the category item comments: 0
Slideshow & Trip Recap ★Japan Vlog 40★
on 05 Oct 2017 by anthrit author list
This is a slideshow and recap of Japan Chapter 2. See you on the next adventure.
The Voyage Home ★Japan Vlog 39★
on 05 Oct 2017 by anthrit author list
It is the day I had to head back home to Montana. I said my goodbyes to Japan & enjoyed my last sushi. On the ANA flight it had a Gaming Console on the back of the seats, best meals ever, & was the best flight I have ever had. After landing in Seattle I rented a car and decided to road trip it back to Montana instead to waiting almost a day to take the bus. First thing I did when I got home was drink some good local brew & air fried myself some chicken.
Abandoned House And Computer ★Japan Vlog 38★
on 21 Sep 2017 by anthrit author list
On my last full day in Japan I went to an abandoned family home. In this home I found gold, it was a Pentium II 350MHz computer, & the VGA cable was cut somehow. So I went on a hunt for a VGA cable and found one at an ED On. Back at the house I was able to get the old rig running and explored it. It was really neat, I enjoyed the day, after that we cooked our dinner at the table, & ate it up.
Cat & Owl Cafes ★Japan Vlog 37★
on 31 Aug 2017 by anthrit author list
We wanted to play with some pussy & hooters. So we went to a Neko Cafe after eating Ramen for breakfast & got our pets on. It was a really rainy day and was doing a real good job at damaging the Sakura peddles. We went to check out this Owl Cafe in Osaka and almost got pooped on. At the end of the day we found the Mos Burger that I ate at for my first meal in Japan.
Kinkaku ji In Kyoto ★Japan Vlog 36★
on 31 Jul 2017 by anthrit author list
On the way to Kyoto it was fun watching Google Maps location move fast as the train traveled. For lunch we got some Okonomi Yaki and had it cooked at our table. After lunch we headed to the world famous Gold Temple and discovered that a Golden Clock protects it. At the end of the trail we got our fortune told and I give you a tip for avoiding crowds in Japan. On our way to find some Vending Machine Ice Cream we ran into a cool Hanami Event.
Hanami ★Japan Vlog 35★
on 20 Jul 2017 by anthrit author list
We got up early in the morning to do some shopping for our Hanami Picnic later that afternoon. We took all the ingredients, cooked it up, and made some wonderful Bentos. At the park we setup camp, ate, drank wine, & some Hanami. As I walked around watching the peddles fall a Neko came over and we became buddies. After hours of Hanami I finally got to touch bamboo for the first time in my life and it was fulfilling. On our way home for the night we saw our first Japanese Car Crash involving a bike.
Akiba Adventures ★Japan Vlog 34★
on 16 Jun 2017 by anthrit author list
We found out that our hotel was just a few blocks away from Akihabara & decided to go wonder around. On the way we got some Ramen for lunch and it was horrible. Looks like Carl’s Jr. is now in Japan and everyone is lining up around the block to eat it. We check out another retro gaming shop and go into full Otaku mode. Finally I got to try out the Oculus and I was not impressed with it. At the Akihabara Radio Kaikan we purchased some Anime Wine & looked at all the wonderful Weaboo goodies. On our way back to Osaka it was wet & rainy.
YouTube Hanami Party ★Japan Vlog 33★
on 31 May 2017 by anthrit author list
We have been waiting for years to go to the YouTube Hanami Party in Yoyogi Park. We arrived at the gathering & Vlog MegStar again. Ran into a guy that can out-dress TommyNC2010 & Sam flips off my viewers. Ronin Dave gets into an epic battle with an umbrella. Got to see Subtokyo (Avitar Artist) & Shiverz (Channel Banner Artist) the two people who created my channel art. Then this total Moron was walking around with a 350 camera thinking he was top dawg. Somehow we ended up running into this horny guy dressed in pink who was really having a good time. Meg & I gave some words of positivity for TommyNC2010. We all finished up the night with some beer at a British Style Pup & Karaoke.
Tokyo Hotel Room ★Japan Vlog 32★
on 25 May 2017 by anthrit author list
We decided to take a bus to Tokyo and was really impressed with how nice the bus was. It had a touch screens on the seat like on an airplane. During the ride we ate some sushi in a bento & drank milk coffee. One of the drinks we had was really exiting because the artwork had a really exited man on it. After a long bus ride we made it to our hotel room. The room was small, however it had a stove, sink, microwave, cookware, & even a sharp knife. For dinner we ate at an old style Sushi Bar & had grapefruit booze to wash it all down.
Floating Garden In Umeda ★Japan Vlog 31★
on 29 Apr 2017 by anthrit author list
When searching for our bus station we found the Floating Garden In Umeda. Strange thing is it was not a garden at all it was a lookout tower. However at the bottom of the building we found a real garden on the ground. For lunch we ate some Japanese McDonald’s. After lunch we did a little Hanami along a river. We then found a Gashapon Parakeet & went to a Daiso and got some quick supplies. To close the night I got some booze, Onigiri, edited a video, & went to bed.
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