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Virtual Haircut ★Geeking Off Podcast℠★

Posted by anthrit  on 11 Feb : 12:16  Category: Geeking Off Podcast

Segment 1 - January 10th 2018 Update:
I talk about getting the smaller Zoom Recorder & changing main Vlogging Camera.

Segment 2 - Buttfucked RV – January 21st 2018 Update:
Wife lost her job and change of plans.
Our goals for the RV to make the move.

Segment 3 - Virtual Haircut - February 7th 2018 Update:
I talk about our process on downsizing to get ready for the big move.
I give you all a Virtual Haircut.

Music By Kevin MacLeod:

Geeking Off


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New Faucet ★Buttfucked RV Episode 9★ 2018 Vlog

Posted by anthrit  on 11 Feb : 09:48  Category: Videos

Another short month with very little progress. However I did get to install a new Faucet in the RV. In other news I had to remove Linux from the Linux podcast studio to install Premiere. For trim in the RV I found some door weather stripping that did the trick very well. To finish it off I got a First Aid Kit & Gas Detector.
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Slowcember RV Vlogmas ★Buttfucked RV Episode 8★ 2017 Vlog

Posted by anthrit  on 31 Dec : 15:04  Category: Videos

We got the sound to work on the TV, turns out it was just a configuration error with the Raspberry Pi. I sat down, played it for a few hours to test out my small solar generator, and was surprised at the results. Also picked up a Roku, Tool Box, & new tools. Put the LED light strip wires into some conduit to make things a little neater near the back window. Finally Christmas came, I did some Snow removal, did a live show, cooked prime rib, & showed our new gifts for the RV. See you all next year. Happy 2018.
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The 5th Annual Anthrit Christmas Live Show ★Geeking Off Podcast℠★

Posted by anthrit  on 24 Dec : 18:50  Category: Geeking Off Podcast

Segment 1 - Main Discussion & Gift Giving:
We will all take a turn saying nice things about one another and explain what we are thankful for from the previous year.

Segment 2 - Random Discussion - Net Neutrality:
We discuss all the problems that may happen next year with Net Neutrality gone.

Segment 3 - YouTube Discussion - Our Money Is Gone:
We talk about what we think about all of problems people are having with the YouTube limiting ads & how they make a mountain out of a mole hill.
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RV SNES Classic Edition ★Buttfucked RV Episode 7★ 2017 Vlog

Posted by anthrit  on 28 Nov : 21:51  Category: Videos

To get this month started out we get a foot of snow and had to dig out the RV for the first time. Every RV needs to have a retro gaming device and because the SNES Classic Edition is so hard to find. I decided to make my own out of a Raspberry Pi 3. I give some shout outs to my new Vidme friends & installed a new hood to go over the oven. We started making the RV feel more like home with some new bedding & throw rugs. For thanksgiving we cook some Turkey & I sing the original version of Jingle bells. To try and finish this month off, I install a TV in the RV, and everything went down hill.

The Pi Case I Used:
The Namesense Beer Song:
Shout Out to The Brew Monks:
Shout Out to Xingcat:
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Switching To Vidme ★Geeking Off Podcast℠★

Posted by anthrit  on 11 Nov : 16:01  Category: Geeking Off Podcast

Segment 1 - Vidme:
We talk about what it is like to switch to
We share our history, experience, & thoughts about how smooth the move is.
How we feel about the future of Vidme.
Gust: Arcade_Salad -

Music By Kevin MacLeod:

Geeking Off


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Mad RV WiFi Repeater ★Buttfucked RV Episode 6★ 2017 Vlog

Posted by anthrit  on 28 Oct : 19:29  Category: Videos

For this very spooky month some strange things happened to me. We picked up a new Portable Butane Stove to make coffee on when working on the RV. We fixed the outside door light and installed some trim around the door inside the RV. As I was leaving for the day a killer clown was trying to kill me and I was having a hard time starting the RV. After years of giving away almost all my cassette tapes, I get a nostalgia itch, and go on the hunt for them. On a rainy weekend I decided to do something different with my Odroid XU4 and Raspberry Pi 2. I turned them into one Mad RV WiFi repeater. The next weekend I spent both days installing a Pyle with a backup camera. We ended up spending some money and got us a Nintendo Switch to play the new Mario game. After a long month, I decided to take a rest, and had a horrible nightmare.

Linux Settings I Used:
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The Voyage Home ★Japan Vlog 39 & 40★

Posted by anthrit  on 05 Oct : 19:32  Category: Videos

It is the day I had to head back home to Montana. I said my goodbyes to Japan & enjoyed my last sushi. On the ANA flight it had a Gaming Console on the back of the seats, best meals ever, & was the best flight I have ever had. After landing in Seattle I rented a car and decided to road trip it back to Montana instead to waiting almost a day to take the bus. First thing I did when I got home was drink some good local brew & air fried myself some chicken.
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