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Shin-Osaka ★Japan Vlog 9★

Posted by anthrit  on 14 Feb : 20:25  Category: Videos

Before getting on a train in Japan you need a Purse. We walk around Fukuoka City and check out some Kimono Shops. Turns out that getting a hair cut in Japan is a little pricey. After that we check out the Apartment Lobby that we are staying at and finish plans for Hokkaido. In the afternoon we go to Fukuoka Station to take the Shinkansen to Osaka. We travel though many tunnels and landscapes of Japan. We stop in Kokura Kitakyushu and Yokogawa. We check out the Shinkansen Bathroom and Shinkansen Smoking Room. While on the train we get to experience a wild Japanese Sunset Along The Country Side. We finally arrive in Osaka with a station to cut your hair. We got really frustrated with the and was confused. After a long day we arrive at Kozenji and relax with some beers.
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Cube Vlog ★2015 Vlog★

Posted by anthrit  on 05 Feb : 22:42  Category: Videos

Mark's Christmas gift got here late and I had to do some repair work to it to make it work. When we went to get my wife's ears pierced I found a Rainbow Dash and purchased it. Because of buying the plush toy Mark Hyder gets addicted to My Little Pony and I make him a Bronie. For the first time I get a broken item from Amazon, it was the Excelvan® BM-800 Condenser Microphone. I was able to fix it and it seems to be working great. The mixer I got with it is a Behringer UB1002 Eurorack UB1002. I also picked up the Polaroid Cube and AVG Movie. One morning I spoof Mark Hyder when making my morning coffee. To top it all off, I ended up making Mark obsessed with MLP, and he has gone Bronie full force. To finish it off, I built the smallest PC I have ever built. Built with the M350 Universal Mini-ITX PC case & ASRock Q1900DC-ITX Intel J1900 2.0GHz motherboard.
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Fukuoka Tower ★Japan Vlog 8★

Posted by anthrit  on 29 Jan : 21:44  Category: Videos

Continuing from our last vlog, I buy some Subway tickets for the Japanese Trains for the first time. After getting off at the closest station to the Tower we walk for about an hour trying to find it. Once at Fukuoka Tower we ride the elevator up with a fantastic view of the city. I take video of the view at day, evening, and night. In the Tower the wife and I find a cool little spot where couples put little love locks around the windows. After we leave the tower we then go to dinner and eat some cow intestines that where really good. When dinner was over we head back to the apartment to show off the goods that we purchased during the day.
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Rime Berta Part 1 - The Hallows Of Wishes ★Random Gaming★

Posted by anthrit  on 25 Jan : 16:27  Category: Videos

I was browsing Steam and found this Final Fantasy Tactics style game. I really enjoyed FFT and had to give it a try. I decided to live stream me playing the game and got addicted to it for over 5 hours last night and could not stop playing it.
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Polaroid Cube Review

Posted by anthrit  on 22 Jan : 19:54  Category: Videos

Now it is time to review the Polaroid POLC3 Cube HD Digital Video Action Camera Camcorder (Black) to be used by a vlogger. I was interested in this camera because of the size. Because of it's size it would be perfect to use for sneaky vlogging for them situations that you would want to be inconspicuous. So after taking some test footage and video. Turns out that this camera will fit my needs perfectly, but may not fit the needs of other vloggers (like using it as a main vlogging camera). This thing is so cute and small that I had to buy one.
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Exploring Fukuoka City ★Japan Vlog 7★

Posted by anthrit  on 15 Jan : 23:47  Category: Videos

To start thing off I give you a tour of the Japanese Apartment we where staying at. My Uncle-in-law has gold fish on his porch for pets and they are really cool. After breakfast we went out to explore Fukuoka and see what we can find. While exploring around we found a Japanese version of a Best Buy called Best that sold electronics, appliances, & media. To top it all off I found some Anime Porn (Hentai) and the wife almost caught me. I found a Gachapon and got me a sweet dog in a sandwich. On the way to Fukuoka Tower we found an iPad Vending Machine.
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End Of The Year ★2014 Vlog★

Posted by anthrit  on 08 Jan : 23:24  Category: Videos

In this vlog, we Eat Turkey (to give thanks), celebrate Xmas together, and bring on the new year of 2015. I also got a Clean Sense dib-1500R Bidet Seat Round with Remote Control for our toilet.
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Cat Repellent ★Japan Vlog 6★

Posted by anthrit  on 05 Jan : 20:35  Category: Videos

In this vog I get to ride in my first Hybrid Car on the way to eat some Fukuoka Ramen for breakfast. After that we then go to a local mall to watch TV ads in the shopping center and check out Graphic Novels. In the mall we find a Pachinko place that has Sex Machines in it. While we where in the mall a Typhoon was hitting outside. So, I go off, and play some Mario Kart arcade games while I wait. After all that, I find a Cat Repellent CD in the Daiso store. After shopping in the mall we find a really cool Rental Shop that rents Manga, Anime, & Music. When I got back home I slam a very Chiisai Beer and rest. For dinner we had some Shabu-shabu.
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