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Great Seto Bridge ★Japan Vlog 5★ (2014)

Posted by anthrit  on 18 Dec : 18:57  Category: Videos

I was a little hung over in the morning after the night before. After having breakfast we go and explore Tokushima to check out a mall, find a scary card game, & a Game Center. We then leave Tokushima to go to Fukuoka City. On the way to Fukuoka we stop at the Great Seto Bridge on Yoshima Island, watch a dinosaur eat people, & eat lunch. After arriving in Fukuoka we had dinner together eating raw chicken. Raw chicken was the best and I loved it.
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Sleeping With Spiders In Tokushima ★Japan Vlog 4★

Posted by anthrit  on 09 Dec : 13:29  Category: Videos

For breakfast I get to enjoy some Takoyaki & Cat Cake. We then hop on a bus, get a beautiful ride through Kobe, Cross the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge, take a break at Murozu, & arrive at Tokushima. We then get to explore some shops and see how a standard transmission vehicle works on the right side. When we get to the place we are staying, it is very old traditional style Japanese house. Later we go for a walk and experience our first Japanese Shrine. Back at the house we get greeted with some spider roommates that will be staying with us for the night. I then get talked into going to a Public Bath House and It turned out to be the most refreshing experience of my life. We top it all off with a Japanese home cooked meal & drink tons of alcohol.
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First Day In Japan ★Japan Vlog 3★

Posted by anthrit  on 01 Dec : 18:07  Category: Videos

This is my first full day in Japan. You will hear a lot of first time this and that lol. I got to see Bamboo, go to a Yakiniku Restaurant, shop at a Daiso, try a green tea ice cream bar, watch cars drive on the wrong side of the road, walk around a Japanese neighborhood, shop at a Japanese grocery store, drink some Japanese alcohol, shop at a 7 Eleven, and get lost in the local neighborhood. While enjoying a Japanese sunset we got a late wedding gift.
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Thanksgiving Dinner & Xmas Tree Setup ★Live Vlog★

Posted by anthrit  on 27 Nov : 19:38  Category: Videos

This will be our first live vlog. In this live vlog we plan to eat some turkey dinner. After dinner we will be setting up our Christmas tree. Happy Holidays. We may also have guests.
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Flying To Japan ★Japan Vlog 2★

Posted by anthrit  on 24 Nov : 20:52  Category: Videos

This is my vlog on how to get to Japan. We went flying in the sky, saw Salt Lake, Las Vegas, LA, Tokyo, & Osaka. This video is mostly flight footage and airport layovers. I get to use my first Japanese vending machine, Japanese food, and car ride.
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Preparing For Japan ★Japan Vlog 1★

Posted by anthrit  on 06 Nov : 19:33  Category: Videos

To start everything off, this was from the time I got the plane tickets, and until the night before we left. I got everything we needed. Got the Tickets, Japan Rail Pass, camera batteries, chargers, memory cards, & a mono pod to get ready for the trip. We also packed our bags.
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Japan Vlogs Teaser ★Japan Vlog 0★

Posted by anthrit  on 24 Oct : 19:02  Category: Videos

This is the Teaser for my Japan Vlogs coming soon to a YouTube near you. This is a collection of clips that I uploaded to Facebook during the tip and that is why the quality is a little low. This should give you a good preview of what is to come in the near future. I also got a beer from a vending machine.
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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge w/ Root Beer Float

Posted by anthrit  on 27 Aug : 18:21  Category: Videos

I was challenged by Mark Hyder, Brandon Hawkins, & Mark Nash to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (#ALSIceBucketChallenge) so I decided to do it in the most yummy way possible. Let's do this!
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