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Epic Failed Projects ★Geeking Off★

Posted by anthrit  on 09 Apr : 19:16  Category: Videos

Here are all the failed projects of the Geeking Off show. I have put them all together into one big episode to share with the world. The first one was on a USB Cassette Tape Converter to record them to MP3s. The second one was going to be on the Raspberry Pi 3 Workstation setup that fell apart due to Audio issues. I eventually just turned it into a Lakka Pi Retro Emulator for playing old Nintendo Games. Third was a video on the Posh Worlds Smallest Smartphone. Last but not least was the original first episode of Geeking Off called Epic Speaker that was about the Nakamichi Black Mini Plus.

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A Cooking New Year ★2017 Vlog★

Posted by anthrit  on 12 Mar : 20:03  Category: Videos

To get this started up I teach you how to make Picked Roast Beef Snacks. I got me a new microphone stand and Monitor Stands. With the help of Sarah we cook some Chicken Noodle Soup for dinner. For my wife's birthday, I take her out for a Sushi Dinner. DK Vine, Jason, & Sarah then send us thank you gifts for all the support we have given them. For Valentines Dinner I cook the wife Lemon Butter Steak & Crab Legs. To finish this vlog off we cook up Spaghetti with our new dog.

DK Vine Podcast:
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Linux Powered Podcast Studio ★Geeking Off Podcast℠★

Posted by anthrit  on 10 Mar : 23:22  Category: Geeking Off Podcast

Segment 1 - Linux Podcast Studio:
I Give a quick little tour of the new podcast rig that I just built.
I do an interview and ask him his plan for his new podcasting rig.
Check out and Subscribe to his new Channel:

Segment 2 - Gaming Discussion - Broken Nintendo Switch:
The new Switch to a new Nintendo system turns out to be off to a bad start. Systems are Freezing, glitching out, scratching in the dock, & keeps on disconnecting.

Segment 3 - BTLC - Raspberry Pi Zero:
Looks like the Raspberry Pi Foundation has a new product that will be just as available as the new Switch.

Music By Kevin MacLeod:

Geeking Off


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Linux Podcast Studio ★Geeking Off★

Posted by anthrit  on 08 Mar : 22:58  Category: Videos

I got a call on the phone to build a computer for a Podcast Studio. So I hooked them up with, an i7 6700k Anthrit computer, running Ubuntu 16.04, 2 Logitech C920 Webcams.
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We’re Wasting Bandwidth ★Geeking Off Podcast℠★

Posted by anthrit  on 03 Mar : 22:47  Category: Geeking Off Podcast

Segment 1 - A Bold New Internet:
All major US cell carriers begin offering “unlimited” plans after years of claiming their infrastructure couldn’t handle it or maybe something to do with net neutrality getting the boot?

Segment 2 - YouTube Discussion - TV on YouTube:
YouTube continues to lead the war against dying media & television. By literally offering television!!!

Segment 3 - BTLC - One To Rule Them All:
San Diego is soon to be the US’s first official surveillance state? I think New York may already count, but this is a whole other level of Police State.
Linux Powered Podcast Studio & Special Show next week.

Music By Kevin MacLeod:

Geeking Off


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Den Den Town Nipponbashi ★Japan Vlog 30★

Posted by anthrit  on 26 Feb : 21:48  Category: Videos

In the morning we headed back to Yodobashi Camera to buy that trackball. After waiting in a smelly subway to the Otaku Road we got some quality Ramen in the Naniwa Ward. After we ate we found some Japanese Cat Litter & did some computer hardware shopping. In the late afternoon we check out some sexy Anime Figures, a music store, & got a sword Gashapon. We found a Super Potato Retro Gaming shop and I purchased a WonderSwan Color with Final Fantasy games. In the shop we saw DreamCast, Nintendo Game & Watch, & a Family Computer Disk System HVC-022. In the evening we found street side computer sales & a Computer Case Heaven. Before dinner I took the wife to a Hentai Shop and she had a really fun time. On the way back home we ate some Kurotoko Takoyaki For Dinner.
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AMD Ryzen For Chefs ★Geeking Off Podcast℠★

Posted by anthrit  on 24 Feb : 23:17  Category: Geeking Off Podcast

Segment 1 - AMD Ryzen Next CPU For Chefs:
We talk about the new release of the AMD Ryzen.
Are we going to buy it and is it worth it?
Anthrit Goes into AMD bashing to piss off the AMD fan Boi’s.

Segment 2 - YouTube Discussion - E-Begging Like A Puppy:
TommyNC2010 is back at it again crushing cans to raise money for Playlist Live.
Fake chick living in a van is scamming everyone for views and money.

Segment 3 - BTLC - Log Me Out:
Happy Birthday To Mark.
Google "something has changed" Glitch Feb 23rd.
Next Project With Pine 64 & Linux Powered Podcast Studio.
J-Vlog is next, Download Henti, and How Should I Upload Hetai Shop Vlog? Online?

Music By Kevin MacLeod:

Geeking Off


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Odroid XU4 X2Go Server ★Geeking Off★

Posted by anthrit  on 19 Feb : 22:33  Category: Videos

The Odroid XU4 was going to be a full time use desktop for my mom. But after some testing and playing around I discovered that video acceleration on the Ubuntu Mate desktop environment made it useless. The desktop performance was better on a Raspberry Pi 2 for desktop optimization. However, the Odroid XU4 makes one hell of a X2Go Server. This device will make a great server in your rack.
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