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My Arch Linux Tour ★Geeking Off★

Posted by anthrit  on 17 Jun : 21:04  Category: Videos

In this episode I am going to give you a tour of my Arch Linux box. This video was Linux Made.
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Exploring Osaka ★Japan Vlog 15★

Posted by anthrit  on 06 Jun : 00:54  Category: Videos

In the morning we jump on the train to Osaka and check out Yodobashi Camera. While in the store we get interrupted by announcements and find the heaven of cell phone accessories. I find a really cool case and cell phone charm for my phone. In the games section we find a ton of Visual Novels. In the camera section I about wet myself with some of the cameras I found. In Japan when you turn a corner you may fall into a Gachapon Heaven. After we got out of the store we eat at a Japanese McDonald's and I eat a burger with a squid ink bun. After lunch we take a walk in Osaka trying to find the epic Nipponbashi.
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Retro Gaming Controllers ★Geeking Off★

Posted by anthrit  on 31 May : 00:55  Category: Videos

Every once in a while I like to do retro gaming on my Linux PC. I got a NES, SNES, & N64 Controllers. I unbox them, play with them, and attempt to fix the NES Controller. The best one out of the batch was the Nintendo 64 USB controller. I game up on the NES one and I would not recommend buying it.

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Classic USB NES Controller:
Buffalo SNES USB Gamepad:
Retrolink N64 Controller:

Music Credits, Songs Used:
Intro Song By L-Jay:
A Link to the Past The Seven Wise Men Shot First:
Super Mario Bros Dancehall Ragga:
Fear Factory Remix By Jeremy Thorn:
Mario Kart 64 Dream Racing:
Jungle Hijinxs Ethnic Remix By Jeremy Thorn:
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Adventures Of LinuxFest ★2015 Vlog★

Posted by anthrit  on 30 May : 22:28  Category: Videos

We go to LinuxFest and enjoy all the epic views of the coast. I show off our hotel room and take you on a tour of Bellingham WA. We check out the town, find an Asian Shop, and eat at the sushi train. After checking out all the views we go and explore the downtown area. We go to Game Night and eat pizza. At LinuxFest I get to play Nexuiz with Sam and Eddie Explores. The next day I check out the Bellingham mall and eat a pizza pretzel. This was a very epic trip.
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Pizza Ball House ★Japan Vlog 14★

Posted by anthrit  on 30 May : 22:09  Category: Videos

We finally get to check out Osaka and get a bite to eat. I first saw the Pizza Ball House in another JVlog and knew we had to go. It is a restaurant that you can cook your very own Takoyaki. With our meal we got Octopus Salad & a pizza looking thing. The pest part is putting Katsuobushi (Bonito) onto your Takoyaki and watch it dance. This Vid is just me Cooking Takoyaki for about 15 minutes. Enjoy
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LinuxFest Northwest 2015 ★Geeking Off★

Posted by anthrit  on 08 May : 21:46  Category: Videos

Because I like Linux so much I had to go to LinuxFest Northwest 2015. The booths we check out are Clonezilla, Microsoft Openness, Fedora, Open Suse, PostgreSQL, Puget Systems, Think Penguin, Rackspace, CloudI, FreeBSD, Assimilation Project, KDE, & Jupiter Broadcasting. The Sessions we went to where the Linux Troubleshooting & The Dark Arts of SSH. The best part about the event was the Game Den.

Music Credits, Songs Used:
Intro Song By L-Jay:
Encounter In The Abyss:
Donkey Kong Country 2 - Mining Melancholy (Teckworks Cover):
Donkey Kong Country 2 - Stickerbush Symphony (Teckworks Cover):
Battletoads (Arcade) - Dark Queen's Battleship (Teckworks Cover):
Donkey Kong Country 2 - Flight of the Zinger (Teckworks Cover):
Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin - Hail From The Past (Teckworks Cover):
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LinuxFest Northwest 2015 - Jupiter Broadcasting

Posted by anthrit  on 01 May : 00:33  Category: Videos

OMG the event was really fun. I got to inhale a Jupiter Broadcasting balloon that Angerz gave to me. Checked out my Man Candy Hair that ChrisLAS had. Talk with Noah & realized how tall Alan was. I got me a really cool red hoodie to show off my Linux Action Show love. Thanks to everyone for a fun Linux Fest. I made some good memories today.
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Feeding Deer In Nara ★Japan Vlog 13★ (2014)

Posted by anthrit  on 22 Apr : 00:38  Category: Videos

We go to the Todai-ji Temple in Nara Park. I get schooled on how to Purifying my Hands the proper way and enjoy the Temple Incense for Meditation. I pray at the temple and thank Buddha for a wonderful trip. Walking around the temple we see some really cool models and statues. At the exit we enter a gift shop with Ema (Shinto) Wishes that you can purchase. Exiting the Temple I am greeted with a Deer Hunter's wet dream. We buy some Deer Crackers (Shika-Senbei) to feed the deer, they get wild, and try to push me off a bridge. On our way out we see a deer trying to commit suicide.
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