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Tokyo Hotel Room ★Japan Vlog 32★

Posted by anthrit  on 25 May : 23:16  Category: Videos

We decided to take a bus to Tokyo and was really impressed with how nice the bus was. It had a touch screens on the seat like on an airplane. During the ride we ate some sushi in a bento & drank milk coffee. One of the drinks we had was really exiting because the artwork had a really exited man on it. After a long bus ride we made it to our hotel room. The room was small, however it had a stove, sink, microwave, cookware, & even a sharp knife. For dinner we ate at an old style Sushi Bar & had grapefruit booze to wash it all down.
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A New Adventure ★Geeking Off Podcast℠★

Posted by anthrit  on 19 May : 23:13  Category: Geeking Off Podcast

Segment 1 - What Have I Been Doing:
All new workflow & getting old projects off the Raw Meat drive. Japan & Vintage Vlogs.
Moving into an RV & Homesteading.

Segment 2 - YouTube - No Longer A Dream Job:
YouTubers losing money with less ads.
Maker Studios going down the tubes.

Segment 3 - BTLC - TommyNC2010:
Podcast going back to being whenever I have time.
Tommy shows up and tells us what is up with with current YouTube Drama.

Music By Kevin MacLeod:

Geeking Off


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Floating Garden In Umeda ★Japan Vlog 31★

Posted by anthrit  on 29 Apr : 22:58  Category: Videos

When searching for our bus station we found the Floating Garden In Umeda. Strange thing is it was not a garden at all it was a lookout tower. However at the bottom of the building we found a real garden on the ground. For lunch we ate some Japanese McDonald’s. After lunch we did a little Hanami along a river. We then found a Gashapon Parakeet & went to a Daiso and got some quick supplies. To close the night I got some booze, Onigiri, edited a video, & went to bed.
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Epic Failed Projects ★Geeking Off★

Posted by anthrit  on 09 Apr : 19:16  Category: Videos

Here are all the failed projects of the Geeking Off show. I have put them all together into one big episode to share with the world. The first one was on a USB Cassette Tape Converter to record them to MP3s. The second one was going to be on the Raspberry Pi 3 Workstation setup that fell apart due to Audio issues. I eventually just turned it into a Lakka Pi Retro Emulator for playing old Nintendo Games. Third was a video on the Posh Worlds Smallest Smartphone. Last but not least was the original first episode of Geeking Off called Epic Speaker that was about the Nakamichi Black Mini Plus.

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A Cooking New Year ★2017 Vlog★

Posted by anthrit  on 12 Mar : 20:03  Category: Videos

To get this started up I teach you how to make Picked Roast Beef Snacks. I got me a new microphone stand and Monitor Stands. With the help of Sarah we cook some Chicken Noodle Soup for dinner. For my wife's birthday, I take her out for a Sushi Dinner. DK Vine, Jason, & Sarah then send us thank you gifts for all the support we have given them. For Valentines Dinner I cook the wife Lemon Butter Steak & Crab Legs. To finish this vlog off we cook up Spaghetti with our new dog.

DK Vine Podcast:
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Linux Powered Podcast Studio ★Geeking Off Podcast℠★

Posted by anthrit  on 10 Mar : 23:22  Category: Geeking Off Podcast

Segment 1 - Linux Podcast Studio:
I Give a quick little tour of the new podcast rig that I just built.
I do an interview and ask him his plan for his new podcasting rig.
Check out and Subscribe to his new Channel:

Segment 2 - Gaming Discussion - Broken Nintendo Switch:
The new Switch to a new Nintendo system turns out to be off to a bad start. Systems are Freezing, glitching out, scratching in the dock, & keeps on disconnecting.

Segment 3 - BTLC - Raspberry Pi Zero:
Looks like the Raspberry Pi Foundation has a new product that will be just as available as the new Switch.

Music By Kevin MacLeod:

Geeking Off


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Linux Podcast Studio ★Geeking Off★

Posted by anthrit  on 08 Mar : 22:58  Category: Videos

I got a call on the phone to build a computer for a Podcast Studio. So I hooked them up with, an i7 6700k Anthrit computer, running Ubuntu 16.04, 2 Logitech C920 Webcams.
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We’re Wasting Bandwidth ★Geeking Off Podcast℠★

Posted by anthrit  on 03 Mar : 22:47  Category: Geeking Off Podcast

Segment 1 - A Bold New Internet:
All major US cell carriers begin offering “unlimited” plans after years of claiming their infrastructure couldn’t handle it or maybe something to do with net neutrality getting the boot?

Segment 2 - YouTube Discussion - TV on YouTube:
YouTube continues to lead the war against dying media & television. By literally offering television!!!

Segment 3 - BTLC - One To Rule Them All:
San Diego is soon to be the US’s first official surveillance state? I think New York may already count, but this is a whole other level of Police State.
Linux Powered Podcast Studio & Special Show next week.

Music By Kevin MacLeod:

Geeking Off


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