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RV SNES Classic Edition ★Buttfucked RV Episode 7★ 2017 Vlog

Posted by anthrit  on 28 Nov : 21:51  Category: Videos

To get this month started out we get a foot of snow and had to dig out the RV for the first time. Every RV needs to have a retro gaming device and because the SNES Classic Edition is so hard to find. I decided to make my own out of a Raspberry Pi 3. I give some shout outs to my new Vidme friends & installed a new hood to go over the oven. We started making the RV feel more like home with some new bedding & throw rugs. For thanksgiving we cook some Turkey & I sing the original version of Jingle bells. To try and finish this month off, I install a TV in the RV, and everything went down hill.

The Pi Case I Used:
The Namesense Beer Song:
Shout Out to The Brew Monks:
Shout Out to Xingcat:
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Switching To Vidme ★Geeking Off Podcast℠★

Posted by anthrit  on 11 Nov : 16:01  Category: Videos

Segment 1 - Vidme:
We talk about what it is like to switch to
We share our history, experience, & thoughts about how smooth the move is.
How we feel about the future of Vidme.
Gust: Arcade_Salad -

Music By Kevin MacLeod:

Geeking Off


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Mad RV WiFi Repeater ★Buttfucked RV Episode 6★ 2017 Vlog

Posted by anthrit  on 28 Oct : 19:29  Category: Videos

For this very spooky month some strange things happened to me. We picked up a new Portable Butane Stove to make coffee on when working on the RV. We fixed the outside door light and installed some trim around the door inside the RV. As I was leaving for the day a killer clown was trying to kill me and I was having a hard time starting the RV. After years of giving away almost all my cassette tapes, I get a nostalgia itch, and go on the hunt for them. On a rainy weekend I decided to do something different with my Odroid XU4 and Raspberry Pi 2. I turned them into one Mad RV WiFi repeater. The next weekend I spent both days installing a Pyle with a backup camera. We ended up spending some money and got us a Nintendo Switch to play the new Mario game. After a long month, I decided to take a rest, and had a horrible nightmare.

Linux Settings I Used:
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The Voyage Home ★Japan Vlog 39 & 40★

Posted by anthrit  on 05 Oct : 19:32  Category: Videos

It is the day I had to head back home to Montana. I said my goodbyes to Japan & enjoyed my last sushi. On the ANA flight it had a Gaming Console on the back of the seats, best meals ever, & was the best flight I have ever had. After landing in Seattle I rented a car and decided to road trip it back to Montana instead to waiting almost a day to take the bus. First thing I did when I got home was drink some good local brew & air fried myself some chicken.
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Winter Is Coming ★Buttfucked RV Episode 5★ 2017 Vlog

Posted by anthrit  on 30 Sep : 17:44  Category: Videos

What an interesting month. First we get hit with an ash storm from all the forest fires in Montana. I was able to fix the cover for the rear tires on the RV. Second bugs kept landing on my current paint job making everything a mess. However, I was able to just flick them off after the paint dried. Third out of nowhere we get hit with a snow storm. With freezing temps I am unable to continue on with the paint job. So we decided to winterize the RV & take all things out that can freeze. We geek out the RV with some Minecraft goodness. Then to top it all off, the weekend I planned to do painting we got hit with a nasty rain storm.
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Abandoned House And Computer ★Japan Vlog 38★

Posted by anthrit  on 21 Sep : 19:34  Category: Videos

On my last full day in Japan I went to an abandoned family home. In this home I found gold, it was a Pentium II 350MHz computer, & the VGA cable was cut somehow. So I went on a hunt for a VGA cable and found one at an ED On. Back at the house I was able to get the old rig running and explored it. It was really neat, I enjoyed the day, after that we cooked our dinner at the table, & ate it up.
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RV Adventures Of Injury ★Buttfucked RV Episode 4★ 2017 Vlog

Posted by anthrit  on 03 Sep : 11:21  Category: Videos

The RV Remodeling & Adventures for August 2017. The old storage door on the RV was water damaged and we built a new one. I got a Suaoki 400wh Portable Solar Generator for my solar setup and tested it out with the Truck Fridge TB51. I got injured and the project went to a stand still and I was unable to work on the RV. So we went on an adventure to the Gate Of The Mountains Boat Tour, Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park, & watched the Great American Eclipse From Montana. I got some new curtains for the RV & finished the RV storage door.

The Fridge:
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Cat & Owl Cafes ★Japan Vlog 37★

Posted by anthrit  on 31 Aug : 23:02  Category: Videos

We wanted to play with some pussy & hooters. So we went to a Neko Cafe after eating Ramen for breakfast & got our pets on. It was a really rainy day and was doing a real good job at damaging the Sakura peddles. We went to check out this Owl Cafe in Osaka and almost got pooped on. At the end of the day we found the Mos Burger that I ate at for my first meal in Japan.
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