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Remix OS - First Impressions & Review ★Geeking Off★

Posted by anthrit  on 28 Jan : 08:05  Category: Videos

In this episode I will be doing a first impressions and review of Remix OS. This was originally live streamed on Saturday January 16th 2016 and I edited it down to this video. The OS was announced at CES 2016. Remix OS is a state of the art Android-based operating system. They mean it when they say you get a PC experience unlike anything on Android and an Android experience unlike anything on a PC. I tried it on 3 computers and only one worked. The experience went very well but the lack of app store keeps if from basic use. Still in Alpha this OS still has a long way to go but off to a good start.

Download Remix OS:
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Japan Wrap Up ★Japan Vlog 24★

Posted by anthrit  on 19 Jan : 20:13  Category: Videos

It is that time, time to go home to the USA. On our first flight we got the coolest Tech ever seen on a flight. After leaving Osaka we arrive in Tokyo to eat our last sushi. At the airport I purchase book called The Otaku Encyclopedia. Then it was finally time to say Goodbye to Japan and fly away. After arriving in Salt Lake City I had to get back on an American diet and eat a juicy burger. After a long 7 hour layover we finally got home to Butte Montana. To finish it all off I show you some last goods and give you all a review of Japan.
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Getting Started In Linux ★Geeking Off Podcast℠★

Posted by anthrit  on 14 Jan : 07:30  Category: Videos

Segment 1 - Main Discussion:
Meet JDhart89 one of our applicants for co-host:
Don't be intimidated by new things, most Linux distros are just a easy to learn as windows. Some people get scared of Linux because most people describe it by using a bunch of technical terms.
We Both tell our stories on how we started with Linux
Start with testing. VMs and USB sticks.
Don’t let people tell you what is the best. Find Your best.
We talk about the jerks in some communities and do lot let them run you away.
I believe they do this because their niche world is now overflowing with n00bs and is starting to become popular among general computer users.
EDL Podcast: 72

Segment 2 - Linux Discussion - Pronouncing Distros:
Ubuntu is the most mispronounced Linux Distribution.
How to pronounce Mate.

Segment 3 - Random Discussion - Breaking Stuff:
Destroying Electronics for fun.

Segment 4 - Feedback:
Manny: How to you show the information in the right of your galculator?

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Music By Kevin MacLeod:

Geeking Off


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Anthrit's Workstation Tour 2016 ★Geeking Off★

Posted by anthrit  on 08 Jan : 05:08  Category: Videos

This is an update video to my last tour of my Workstation area.

2014 Tour:
iMac Video:
Computer Tour:
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The 3rd Annual Anthrit Christmas Live Show ★Geeking Off Podcast℠★

Posted by anthrit  on 27 Dec : 18:46  Category: Geeking Off Podcast

Segment 1 - Main Discussion:
We will all take a turn saying nice things about one another and explain what we are thankful for from the previous year.

Segment 2 - Gaming Discussion - Minecraft Gameplay:
Brandon and I decorate in Minecraft:

Segment 3 - Random Discussion - Gift Giving:
We all open the gifts that we sent to one another and have fun.

Segment 4 - Feedback:
Santa: I am wishing you the best in 2016 and Hope you become more geekier than ever. What do you plan for the New Year?

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Geeking Off


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Anthrit's Minecraft Server for Vloggers Episode 16 - Christmas Decorating

Posted by anthrit  on 27 Dec : 16:50  Category: Videos

On the server for Christmas Brandon (From Braehawk Tech) helps me decorate the server. This was the gaming session used for The 3rd Annual Anthrit Christmas Live Show.
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1,351 Bad Sectors ★Geeking Off★

Posted by anthrit  on 17 Dec : 09:00  Category: Videos

Got some new toys to play with and clean up my dirty system. I got some new podcasting gear and a new BEHRINGER EURORACK UB1002FX Mixer. Replaced my junk Microsoft webcam with a new Logitech C92 Webcam and I love it. Jason from Diabetic Geek ( sent me a Sabrent 60 Watt 6-Port USB Rapid Charger to use for my Raspberry Pis in my Linux server rack. My computer has not been dusted in over a year, I give it a good cleaning with the DataVac Pro Computer Vac/Blower, and blew dust all over the house. I also nuke and pave my Mom's & Wife's computer to install Ubuntu Mate 15.10. Then it all went down hill when I went to image files to my new 3TB WD Black 3TB Hard Disk Drive. After 3 failed attempts I discover that the new hard drive has 1,351 Bad Sectors. I returned it and received nice working drive. To finish it all off I change the OS on my file server back to CentOS 6 from Arch Linux. Thanks for a wonderful year, you all have a wonderful Holidays, and a Happy New Year.

Links to products used:
UB1002FX Mixer:
Logitech C92:
Sabrent Charger:
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Last Day In Japan ★Japan Vlog 23★

Posted by anthrit  on 10 Dec : 09:00  Category: Videos

We where planning on sleeping in but was interrupted by the school kids next door. I take you on yet another Japanese house tour of the downstairs of the place we where staying at. For lunch we had Gyoza at a typical Japanese restaurant and I take you on a bathroom tour. After lunch the wife an I go Shrine Searching for the Sada Shrine so I can say goodbye to Japan and thank her for a wonderful trip. I then go on a rant about my feeling and how sad I am to return home to the USA. We then go shopping at the super market to purchase goods for our last dinner in Japan and take a photo at a passport photo kiosk. After dinner we packed up everything and I was given Natto for dessert.
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