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Cool Cat Saves Copyright ★Geeking Off Podcast℠★

Posted by anthrit  on 23 Nov : 21:23  Category: Geeking Off Podcast

Segment 1 - Main Discussion:
Cool Cat Vs I Hate Everything.
Going Over IHE’s Video.

Timecode 1:57 Email from Derek threatening IHE to shut him down and reporting him to YouTube. (Ya right, YouTube responds to nobody.) Demands that IHE remove his videos exposing Derek’s cyber bullying. IHE tries to work things out in a civil manner. Derek ignores IHE plea to settle things and continues to bully IHE by saying he got his IP, address, and attorneys are in contact with YouTube (Yet IHE lives in the UK and untouchable from the US). He also demands the IHE must apologize even though he just did in previous email. IHE then sends 2 Emails Explaining that he still wants to work things out. Asking Derek to stop and work things out. Derek then replies by cussing at him and continued harassing, bullying, and threats with demands. (As again It should be interesting to see how to sue someone outside the country with different copyright laws).

Going Over Derek Savage’s Video

First he Goes on for over 7 Minutes before getting to the point and at 6:25 starts bragging about his DVD sales. He then calls out the reviewers calling them “Punks” because he got a bad review as he continues to sell his shitty movie. 9:11 Derek claims that He was stolen from and that is why he took the reviews down. (We all know he is butt hurt for getting bad reviews) 10:30 He violates what he is talking about by videoing a website article that is copyrighted. Then continues show off cases of failed fair use cases hinting that he will sue IHE. 13:10 He talks about logos on his water bottle but you can see in the bottom left of the video is the Sony logo on his second camera. (Again this guy contradicts himself). The point of Derek’s video was to bully and intimidate by labelling IHE as a thief. 19:32 he finishes off by accusing IHE for what is is doing himself. Then to top it off bullies the audience and IHE buy calling them names.

Segment 2 - Random Discussion: - Anti Bully is a Bully:
This podcast falls under fair use for journalism, so please do not take me down Daddy Derek. Get a bad review! Why not DMCA, harass, bully, & threaten the reviewer? Derek has no clue how the DMCA works on YouTube.

The UK had different laws on Fair Use they call it Fair Dealings:

Segment 3 - YouTube Discussion: - Content ID Fun:
Talk about our issues we have had with YouTube Copyright. This would have been a better approach to the IHE situation. But no, it is censorship. Mark having issues with Blind Commentary Vids & Remix songs.

Segment 4 - Feedback:
Luan Lotter: When are you going to continue with the Linux server and raspberry pi's? Awesome vidz!

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North To Hokkaido ★Japan Vlog 21★

Posted by anthrit  on 20 Nov : 09:07  Category: Videos

To start this day trip out, we where greeted with rain while riding on the Shinkansen. The vending machines started selling warm coffee and I tried out Black Coffee to wake myself up. On the way to Aomori we ate a clam bento lunch and enjoyed the ride. On the way to Hakodate we went through the Seikan Tunnel & around the bay. We got stuck in Hakodate Station for a few hours and explored the station. We got onto a train that sounded like a bus that took us pass Mt Komagatake. After a long ride we finally arrived at Noboribetsu, check into the hotel, & eat a wonderful Japanese Buffet Style Dinner. After dinner the wife and I go and enjoy a Private Onsen all by ourselves.
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Interviewing A Geeky Brony ★Geeking Off Podcast℠ Episode 0★

Posted by anthrit  on 14 Nov : 21:22  Category: Geeking Off Podcast

Segment 1 - Main Discussion: I ask Mark questions on how he become a Brony and became a part of this geeky culture.
He also gives us a sample of his wonderful audio book (Night Of The Flutterbat) found here:
His Channel:

Segment 2 - Gaming Discussion: What Kind of Games are there to play in the Brony Universe?

Segment 3 - YouTube Discussion: Mark explains to us all about the cool Brony content on YouTube and how it has helped his channel grow.

Segment 4 - Feedback:
Flam Effect: Sweet video!!! Does it use phantom power for XLR? If so I need one!!!

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Segment 5 - Closing:
Thanks Everyone for Listening.
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Zoom H4n Recorder ★Geeking Off★

Posted by anthrit  on 13 Nov : 01:48  Category: Videos

I got the Zoom H4n recorder to use as a external mic for my new 4K camera and recording clean audio for my podcast. Turns out the device is a 2 Stereo track recorder and not 4 track mono recorder. Because of that I was a little bummed out. However it is going to get the job done for what I am using it for.
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Facebook Chat Sucks Now - AnthWare Audio Update 11/07/2015

Posted by anthrit  on 07 Nov : 16:06  Category: Geeking Off Podcast

Getting Antsy To Film & Use My 4K Camera.
We are official with a new domain and on iTunes Thanks to BT.
Making Podcast segment videos for the main show.
Live Stream Saturday will become a new thing.
Filming the next Geeking Off episode of the Zoom Recorder.
Hint on the Toaster that runs Linux.

Facebook's annoying new chat feature sucks.

Linux news - Mate 1.12 was released.

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Tokyo Skytree ★Japan Vlog 20★

Posted by anthrit  on 05 Nov : 13:37  Category: Videos

After exploring Akiba we hop on the train to the Tokyo Sky Tree. When we got to the top we where welcomed with wonderful views of Tokyo. When we where done, we went to the subway to catch a train to Shibuya, and I lost my ticket. Outside the Shibuya Station we met up with Shiverz ( and we got to watch a very Annoying Japanese Parade. We all then got some food and beer with good conversations. After dinner we got to cross the world famous Shibuya Crossing AKA Scramble Crossing and walk around Shibuya. Eventually we had to say goodbye to Shiverz and return to our hotel room. Thank You Shiverz for a epic night.
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The AnthWare Studio Audio Update 10-31-2015

Posted by anthrit  on 31 Oct : 18:44  Category: Geeking Off Podcast

Happy Halloween.
Epic Fail “Umm” and getting practice on not doing it.
Content creation on Linux Myth.
Getting Antsy To Film & Use My 4K Camera.
My Thoughts on YouTube Red.
Getting Offers for Products on YouTube.

The New Video Schedule.
Video Vacation in December.

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Roy Goes Linux ★Geeking Off★

Posted by anthrit  on 29 Oct : 19:03  Category: Videos

A co-worker of mine had been running Windows XP past it's service date. I asked him what he uses his computer for and it turns out he uses it for browsing the web. That makes the perfect and simple Linux switch for someone. I installed Ubuntu on his computer and because of how old it was it was extremely slow. We got him some new hardware and built him a really fast little Linux box. After getting all of that done he thinks it is funny to buy a Windows 8.1 Acer Netbook. I was not going to let this slide and had to take on the challenge of putting Linux on that thing. After a small battle with the UEFI I was able to get Ubuntu Mate installed and have everything working.

Links To Build:
Gigabyte Motherboard GA-78LMT-USB3:
Crucial Ballistix Sport 4GB Kit BLS2CP2G3D1609DS1S00:
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