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Montana Folk Festival, Evil Days, & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Posted by anthrit  on 13 Aug : 20:57  Category: Videos

We found some really cool cars at the Montana Folk Festival and one that looks like a phone. We then went to watch some really cool bike tricks at Evil Knievel Days. Get some new computer parts & watch the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.

The TMNT Review:
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Loud In Da House @Sammi's SmokeShop

Posted by anthrit  on 05 Jul : 20:52  Category: Videos

Sorry for the overdue vlog. I took the wife out for an anniversary dinner & got a new office desk chair. On the 4th of July we went to the Night Of Lyrics at Sammis SmokeShop. At the event I found a long lost rapper named Loud at the event and had to vlog him up.

Check out the rappers at the event:
King Blink:
And More @ Event Page:
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Vlog WIth Anthrit 05-15-2014

Posted by anthrit  on 22 May : 23:25  Category: Videos

I know I have been gone for a while and will be for some time. I have decided to get certifications for Linux, walk around a trail, and tell you about something I waited yeas to say in my vlog.
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00Anthrit - HD Button Spy Camera Review

Posted by anthrit  on 30 Apr : 21:14  Category: Videos

I have been wanting to find a cool HD spy camera to vlog in places that may not like cameras. So I looked around and found this HD Button Spy Camera. Boy, was I in for a surprise.

This video is a product review for Braehawk Tech:
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Mean Green

Posted by anthrit  on 18 Apr : 19:32  Category: Videos

I got some new computer parts to help make my computer a mean green fighting machine. I got a blue ray burner, green LED fans, case light, Sound Blaster Audigy FX, 250 GB SSD, and a 4 TB HDD.
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The Arch Challenge

Posted by anthrit  on 22 Mar : 03:33  Category: Videos

This video was edited with Lightworks under Arch Linux

After years of cleaning out viruses, spy-ware, malware, slow internet, slow performance, registry corruption, & reinstalling the OS every six months that comes with using the Windows ecosystem. For the past 3 years I have been wanting to go full on using Ubuntu or similar Linux distribution. But at that time 2 Big things that I do kept me from switching. The 2 things holding me back where able to Edit video and Create music. Spending the last few years in Linux news that soon became a reality. Sure, I would have to learn some new software, but now I am ready to give something new a try.

To start I started to play with Linux distributions in VirtualBox. I tried Ubuntu, Point Linux, CentOS, Linux Mint, & Puppy Linux. Now most of these distributions include a lot of stuff to get you started and some stuff you do not need. It is like buying a computer full of junk you will never use, compared to a computer that you just install Windows, and build on it. After some research, this talk about Arch Linux kept popping up. It was a Linux distribution that let's you start with a command line environment and build it the way you want.

After hearing about it on Jupiter Broadcasting and reading comments online like the one below. I decided to take the Arch Linux Challenge. Using the operating system as my OS for 30 day. Here is my journey.
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R.I.P. Ano Server

Posted by admin  on 12 Mar : 01:13  Category: Videos

Looks like my new parts for upgrading my main PC will be in Tomorrow or Thursday. Because of this, the server I originally built for Braehawk is going to be stripped down, and parted. The web server part for Brandon was never used, but we did use the Minecraft, FTP, & IRC parts of the server. This server built a lot of memories with us all and because we are no longer utilizing it's service, I am taking it down. It is going to be rebuilt into a power house Arch Linux computer that I am going to use for the coming years. I would all ask you to give your respects to as it will now be R.I.P. Thank you all for all the fun memories on the IRC & Minecraft.
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For My Love

Posted by admin  on 22 Feb : 18:10  Category: Videos

In this vlog my Love get to have her Birthday & Valentines Day all in one week. Got me some new boots & have a Google Hangout with Chris Pirillo.
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