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Raspberry Pi 3 Vlog ★2016 Vlog★

Posted by anthrit  on 11 May : 23:58  Category: Videos

This may be the worlds first vlog ever edited and uploaded on the Raspberry Pi 3 in history. I could only do it in Standard Definition and this is the best quality I can get so far. This was my drive over to Seattle to pick up my wife from the airport.
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Kernel Panic: Ubuntu, Biggest Enemy to Linux?

Posted by anthrit  on 27 Apr : 21:43  Category: Geeking Off Podcast

Segment 1 - Main Discussion:
Ubuntu’s BASH in Windows 10 - Is Canonical working against the Linux Community?
Is Linux really going anywhere?
“When Hohndel asked Torvalds about his plans for the future in terms of years, months, weeks, days or hours. Torvalds said, “I actually have a plan for 24 minutes. I always say that I don't know where Linux will be. The only thing I care about is that I will make sure we do the best thing we can that day. If you take care of the details, I think the big picture follows. There was not a lot of planning involved in Linux to begin with. There really hasn't been a lot of planning involved ever, and that should really blow people's mind, how little planning there was.”
If this whole mess leaves a bad taste in your mouth about Ubuntu, what distro should you try next?

Segment 2 - Gaming Discussion: VR, Science, AI, and Cyborgs.
HTC Vive and Occulus Rift: preparing us to be Androids?
Microsoft Twitter Bot turns into a neonazi and racist in 24 hours.
With all these digital assistants, are we preparing ourselves for our inevitable cyborg-ridden future? Will we experience the singularity in our lifetime?

Segment 3 - YouTube Discussion: Japan Chapter 2.
Post Japan Reminiscing
No 64 bit ISO for Pi3? What?
Brief recap of the Ubuntu 16.04 installation livestream

Segment 4 - Feedback:
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Geeking Off


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Japan Chapter 2 Teaser ★Japan Vlog 26★

Posted by anthrit  on 16 Apr : 17:40  Category: Videos

We start with a bus ride to Seattle to get on our main flight. We then flew on over to Osaka. We find some bad English, big booby manga, odd bubble bath, & some Japanese Cat Litter. We went to the YouTube Hanami party and met up with Megan Konrad & Shiverz. When we got back to Osaka we went to another Hanami party with the family and I was going Sakura crazy. In the last few days I found a computer, Cat Cafe, & an Owl Cafe.
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Elecom Deft M-DT1DR Track Ball Mouse ★Geeking Off From Japan★

Posted by anthrit  on 12 Apr : 23:59  Category: Videos

I was shopping at Yodobashi Camera Umada yesterday and found this really neat track ball mouse. It was what I have been searching for years. I have never found this type of mouse on Amazon except for a Logitech Cordless Optical Trackman going for over $400 that was discontinued. This product needs to come to the US. I am in love with it.

Link to the Mouse:
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Raspberry Pi 3, Pine 64, & Japan Prep ★2016 Vlog★

Posted by anthrit  on 24 Mar : 02:42  Category: Videos

It all starts with a call from Roy to help him setup his new shelf and do some maintenance on his Ubuntu Linux computer. I fight with some Linux Printing issues and it turned out to be an easy fix. In the mail I also got 2 new toys to play with, the Raspberry Pi 3, and the Pine 64. However, I was a little disappointed in the Pine 64. We then pack our bags to get ready for Japan Chapter 2 and TommyNC2010 gives us our blessings on a safe trip.

Meet Me in Tokyo at the Tokyo Youtube Hanami Party 2016 on April 2nd:
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Is Linux Safe? ★Geeking Off Podcast℠★

Posted by anthrit  on 17 Mar : 01:10  Category: Geeking Off Podcast

Segment 1 - Main Discussion:
Linux Mint Hack. Why & how did this happen?
Previous Linux vulnerabilities in the past year.
Bash Bug:
How to be safer online in this day and age of tech.

Segment 2 - Gaming Discussion: Games we are playing on Linux.
Shovel Knight & Hurtworld
Vulkan - What it means for the future of multiplatform gaming.

Segment 3 - Random Discussion:
Our Thoughts on the Pi 3 and other competing boards.
Going to Japan … AGAIN!

Segment 4 - Feedback:
We read of comments from previous podcast on YouTube.
Send in feedback at feedback©

Send in feedback at feedback©

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Dell Inspiron 1000 Repair ★Geeking Off★

Posted by anthrit  on 10 Mar : 11:42  Category: Videos

A client comes to me with their laptop not booting up. So I offer to fix it for free if I can make a video out of the repair. I start with the typical computer diagnostics. I removed the hard drive, take out the ram, the optical drive, & the laptop was still freezing up at post. The solution to the problem was something I have never seen before and was a big surprise.
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Vlogging With A Panasonic DMC-ZS50 ★2016 Vlog★

Posted by anthrit  on 03 Mar : 05:45  Category: Videos

I was playing around with my dads Dell Inspiron 1000 with a Linux distro. After some shopping I was unboxing my new Panasonic DMC-ZS50 vlogging camera. While testing out my new camera I share some new epic news with you about Japan Chapter 2. For my wife's birthday, I got the crazy idea to cook her a Sushi Pizza, & She got me back when she gave me a Posh Mobile Equal s700 phone. While trying to editing this vlog my dad called me over to fix his printing issues on Linux.
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