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All Jacked Up ★Geeking Off Podcast℠★

Posted by anthrit  on 16 Aug : 15:13  Category: Geeking Off Podcast

Segment 1 - All Jacked Up:
I sprained my leg when getting out of a truck and all RV work is on hold.
Got my truck fridge and was surprised that it could run over 48 hours on my solar generator.

Segment 2 - Buttfucked RV – Smoke & Barking Dogs:
The forest fires in Montana is creating smoke & health problems.
My dog goes crazy and takes over the show.
Frustrations with Amazon’s shipping department.

Segment 3 - BTLC - TommyNC2010:
I test out my dead cat with my Zoom Recorder.
Time to do some Tommy Talks. TommyNC2010 keeps the money from his Go Fund Me after canceling it.

Music By Kevin MacLeod:

Geeking Off


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Geek RV Bathroom Fan ★Buttfucked RV Episode 3★ 2017 Vlog

Posted by anthrit  on 13 Aug : 18:32  Category: Videos

For the start of this episode I give you all a tour of my painting shed. When trying to paint the bathroom I used Polyurethane suggested by the paint store and it turned all yellow. I go on rants, deal with storms, & get some new toys for the RV. I fix the paint mess in the bathroom, install new LED Lights, & make some really good progress. To finish it all off I used a computer case fan in my RV bathroom vent.
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Kinkaku ji In Kyoto ★Japan Vlog 36★

Posted by anthrit  on 31 Jul : 20:49  Category: Videos

On the way to Kyoto it was fun watching Google Maps location move fast as the train traveled. For lunch we got some Okonomi Yaki and had it cooked at our table. After lunch we headed to the world famous Gold Temple and discovered that a Golden Clock protects it. At the end of the trail we got our fortune told and I give you a tip for avoiding crowds in Japan. On our way to find some Vending Machine Ice Cream we ran into a cool Hanami Event.
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RV Remodeling Updates 7-28-2017 ★Geeking Off Podcast℠★

Posted by anthrit  on 28 Jul : 22:01  Category: Geeking Off Podcast

Segment 1 - RV Update 07/28/2017:
Working on a video on how my solar is going to work in the RV.
Camping products are at an all time high or sold out due to the solar eclipse.
This summer has one of the longest never ending heat wave and wish it would end.
New plan for content and Podcast.

Segment 2 - Buttfucked RV – Testing Out Audio Only Stream:
This is just the first of the Buttfucked RV live audio only podcast for Facebook group members.

Music By Kevin MacLeod:

Geeking Off


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Hanami ★Japan Vlog 35★

Posted by anthrit  on 20 Jul : 01:24  Category: Videos

We got up early in the morning to do some shopping for our Hanami Picnic later that afternoon. We took all the ingredients, cooked it up, and made some wonderful Bentos. At the park we setup camp, ate, drank wine, & some Hanami. As I walked around watching the peddles fall a Neko came over and we became buddies. After hours of Hanami I finally got to touch bamboo for the first time in my life and it was fulfilling. On our way home for the night we saw our first Japanese Car Crash involving a bike.
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Remodeling Our RV ★Buttfucked RV Episode 2★ 2017 Vlog

Posted by anthrit  on 04 Jul : 17:31  Category: Videos

This is the June RV Remodeling progress. I did a water systems check and removed all the old wallpaper out of the RV. I wood stained the closets & started painting all the cabinet hardware. Fought to remove the old fridge and came up with a cool plan to make my own homemade Fan-Tastic Fan for the bathroom. Also, Happy 4th.
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Solar Wars ★Geeking Off Podcast℠★

Posted by anthrit  on 01 Jul : 14:05  Category: Geeking Off Podcast

Segment 1 - UGLY TRUTH About Off Grid Solar:
Two homesteaders go to war. Derik (Life Inside A Box) & Jessi (Pure Living For Life) are in an epic battle for solar.
Derik lives at the end of an Alluvial Fan with his 30k Solar Setup. He makes his points while eating food. Vegans are crazy and go on missions to prove a point.
Jessi lives in Idaho not Colorado and on a tight budget. They already had to do the water system twice. They are nice kind people who do not push their points on PPL. The do the best with what they got.
My new kind of small solar setup.

Segment 2 - YouTube - Jealous YouTuber:
RV Travel Buddy Is Jealous of successful YouTubers.
He calls them cheaters of life for making money doing something they enjoy.
He is upset that it is young ppl and not ppl who work, eat, & sleep retired workers.

Segment 3 - BTLC - What Next?:
Low support on Geeking Off & Will it ever return?
Life is changing quick & time for a new direction. A little history of the channel.
Ending Geeking Off & starting a new brand. Just board of Linux now. Hard to do tech/tutorial videos requested when no support is given and they want it for free. Tech/tutorial videos go out of date to quickly and have no staying power.
Renaming the podcast.

Music By Kevin MacLeod:

Geeking Off


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Akiba Adventures ★Japan Vlog 34★

Posted by anthrit  on 16 Jun : 22:56  Category: Videos

We found out that our hotel was just a few blocks away from Akihabara & decided to go wonder around. On the way we got some Ramen for lunch and it was horrible. Looks like Carl’s Jr. is now in Japan and everyone is lining up around the block to eat it. We check out another retro gaming shop and go into full Otaku mode. Finally I got to try out the Oculus and I was not impressed with it. At the Akihabara Radio Kaikan we purchased some Anime Wine & looked at all the wonderful Weaboo goodies. On our way back to Osaka it was wet & rainy.
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